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Journalist covers his own wedding for channel, interviews wife

Desk Report: In an amusing incident in Pakistan, a reporter created quite a buzz on social media after he covered and reported his own wedding for a local news channel, reports NDTV.

Hanan Bukhari, who is a reporter for City 41, went live on TV and gave out details about his wedding that was taking place at that very moment. While reporting his own wedding, Bukhari is seen wearing a groom’s attire, holding a mic and asking his family members about the occasion. He starts off by informing the viewers that he is present at his wedding ceremony and is very happy about it.

The NDTV report says, he further states that since it is a love marriage his wife too is happy about it. He then introduces his father, who is standing behind him and interviews him, asking about the marriage and how he is feeling about the same. Being absolutely ‘professional’, the camera then shift focus to Bukhari’s mother-in-law and mother, where they too express how they feel about the celebration. However, these multiple clips that have gone viral on the Internet are being criticised by many.

While many on Twitter were amused with the way the journalist went on with the reporting even on his wedding day, others did not seem very happy about it. Some even complimented the reporter’s confidence.

Source:NTV online

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