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5 Heart Healthy Resolutions To Take

Desk Report: Concerned about your heart health? Here are 5 great heart-healthy resolutions you can make to boost your heart health.

Drink More Water
Now, this one may come as a surprise; but it???s definitely the better option over those fizzy soft drinks you tend to gulp down with glee. Loaded with sugar and preservatives, these soft drinks can adversely affect your heart. Instead, have a glass of water – that way, you???ll feel full, have zero extra calories in your system, and won???t have that irresistible urge to grab something sweet anymore.

Go Green
By go green, we mean adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet- and organic ones for that matter. Organic food is the next best thing in the health foods world today, and it???s the best you could do for your body this New Year, particularly your heart. Rich in all the essential vitamins and minerals and free from chemicals and additives that you would normally find in other foods, organic fruits and veggies will definitely boost your heart health.

Low Sodium Power
This one???s a no-brainer- the total amount of sodium that we get through processed, packaged foods that we eat everyday exceeds the daily recommended intake by whooping numbers. Going low on sodium is the wisest New Year resolution you could make when it comes to improving your heart health. Choose low-sodium salt and avoid packaged foods and salty chips.

Get a Pet
Yes, that???s right! Getting a pet can actually do wonders for your heart, and if you already have one, you probably know why! Spending some time with your pet, even if it is for just a few minutes, can get you in a good mood, lower stress levels (which would further improve heart health) and help you tackle day to day issues with a more positive attitude.
In fact, pet therapy is now gaining increased popularity over the world, and some studies suggest that it may even help you lower elevated blood pressure levels.

Laugh Out Loud
Angry and stressed? You???re not alone; try laughing out. It???ll help you calm down and relax your nerves. Laughter therapy is yet another out-of-the-box therapy which has been proved to be effective for the heart, and may help lower blood pressure levels. Laughing is also believed to boost your natural immunity- now need we say more?


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