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How to Make a Face Mask to Remove Blackheads

Desk Report: Blackheads are a common skin problem, especially among teenagers. They fall under the type of acne known as acne vulgaris, known as open comedones. They appear as small bumps on the skin, or plugs in oversized pores. Their color varies from yellow to black. There are many natural remedies for blackheads made from products that are usually in the kitchen. Face masks are treatments left on the face for a period of time, and then removed to provide results.

Things You’ll Need
2 eggs 1 tsp. lemon juice Small mixing bowl

Separate the eggs. Break open two eggs and separate them, keeping only the whites. Beat the whites with a whisk for a few seconds to ensure consistency. Egg whites make a great mask due to their tendency to harden over a short period of time.

Add lemon juice. Whisk the egg white mixture while adding in 1 tsp. of lemon juice. Mix until it is well-blended. Lemon juice contains Alpha Hydroxy acid, which is a common over the counter remedy for blackheads. The juice penetrates the pores, eliminating oils, dead skin cells and impurities that cause blackheads. Lemon juice also tightens pores.
Wash the face. Use a mild cleanser to thoroughly clean the face. This gets rid of any oil or dirt that would prevent the mask from sticking to the skin.

Apply the mask. Spread the mix onto the face, covering all the skin completely. The mix will not be thick, so just make sure the skin is covered.

Let it dry. Leave the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes or until it is completely stiff and dry. It will be hard to the touch, and moving the face won’t be possible. The egg whites cement in this period of time to provide the stiffness of the mask.

Peel it off. Pull the mask off the face. It should take the blackheads off with it. Don’t just rinse the mask off with water, as this won’t remove the blackheads. Pulling it off in pieces is the best way to remove the mask.

Finish it off. After the mask is off, rinse the face off with lukewarm water. After patting it dry, apply a moisturizing lotion. This reduces irritation and closes and tightens the pores.


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