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Kapil Sharma abuses and threatens journalist ! (video)

Journalist Vickey Lalwani, who was at the receiving end of comedian Kapil Sharma’s abusive Twitter rant, is reportedly suing the host of Family Time with Kapil Sharma, reports Republic.

Lalwani will file the complaint against the TV show host for abusing and threatening, according to the report. “We have enough proof to support our argument. He Lashed out at my family,” said the journalist.

“This man believes he can gag the media. Time has come that media stands up and tell him we will not be gagged (sic),” he continued.

After abusive Twitter rant, Kapil Sharma files complaint against journalist for alleged extortion attempt
Meanwhile, Lalwani told ANI that Sharma called him personally and verbally abused him.

“At around 6 pm my phone rang and I got a call from Kapil. With a minute of the call, he started abusing me and said me that my daughter wants to sleep with him. This gave me a shock. This was the worst slang I have ever heard,” Vicky Lalwani told ANI.


“From around 4:30 we started noticing that Kapil Sharma was tweeting against SoptboyE and me. Talking all rubbish and irrelevant. Apparently, he was upset with our story on making Rani Mukherjee wait during the shoot and then cancelling it. We just reported the truth,” Lalwani added.

In a recent tweet, the 37-year-old actor said that whatever he wrote, he wrote from his heart. His team deleted the tweet but he was not scared of the reporter, who wrote anything for money.

“Maine jo b likha tha apne dil se likha tha.. it was my team who deleted my tweets .. But main is k***e bikaayu reporter se darne wala nahi hu.. he can write anything for anybody just for few bucks. Shameless,” he tweeted.


Maine jo b likha tha apne dil se likha tha.. it was my team who deleted my tweets .. But main is kutte bikaayu reporter se darne wala nahi hu.. he can write anything for anybody just for few bucks. Shameless

In one of his tweets, he targeted Vickey Lalwani accusing him of maligning him for money.

“Vicky Lalwani.. u r a mother ***** lier. who only spread negativity about me for a very little money. N I know who is giving u money..mehnat ki kha..t***** matt kha. *********…u know what… I can pay u more than ur worth..but I don’t want to pay u,” Kapil tweeted.

Later, all the abusive tweets were deleted from his handle, and an apology was posted, wherein it was written that his account was hacked.

The Kapil Sharma Show host has also filed a complaint against SpotboyE Editor Vickey Lalwani and his former managers Neeti Simoes and Preeti Simoes, accusing them of trying to extort Rs 25 lakh from him.

In his complaint, he alleged that Lalwani started a false and malicious propaganda to defame him on digital media after he refused to pay him the amount.

“About six months ago, Kapil’s close associate Mr Gurjot was approached by a person and told to part with Rs 25 lacs to contain the recently damaging content on Mr. Kapil by a specific media company ‘SpotboyE’. This person also explained that they have a lot of personal information about my client which will eventually bring Kapil Sharma down,” read a statement from Kapil’s lawyer.

“My client states that the posts by SpotboyE kept increasing and began to affect his mental and emotional health as false, malicious and personal remarks were about his career, fiancee, relationship, and friends by this gentleman styled as Vikyleaks,” added the statement.

Kapil, who recently made a comeback on the small screen with Family Time With Kapil Sharma, couldn’t garner a positive response from the audience. If reports are to be believed, the show is expected to go off air soon.

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