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Churi, the glass bangles: bringing back

glass_bangles_01With the season of romance and love once again knocking at our doors, we are all set to welcome Falgun. Choosing  the right attire and selecting complementing accessories are important aspects of the celebration.

Most people prefer to wear traditional outfits on this day and when we think of the ethnic look, women cannot rule out the lure of the timeless kacher churi  — glass bangles.

Glass bangles come with a mixed feeling of romance and nostalgia. South Asian women have always been known to adorn these and its use is not limited to casual occasions; even brides complement a wedding dress with a wrist full of red ‘reshmi’ churis.

We have often heard stories from our grandmothers of how fond they were of kacher churi and the way they felt when their husbands occasionally showed their affection by bringing glass bangles back from village fairs.

Back then, women only wore saris, and bangles of basic colours, like red and green and blue. Despite having a permanent place in the fashion scene  not all the rage for the past couple of seasons. People were more inclined towards costume jewellery in the form of metal bangles that were imported from neighbouring countries.

People did not wear them as often as they used to except on special occasions like Pahela Falgun or Pahela Baishakh. This season, however, it has come back with a bang, not only to be teamed with saris but with absolutely all other types of dresses.

Bengali women have long embraced skirts and other outfits in their ensemble, and are now incorporating glass bangles with them. Imagine yourself going for an evening out wearing a pleated maxi skirt with a cropped top. To add a fresh look, a bunch of colourful kacher churis can be worn on one hand, keeping the other bare to set it off balance and achieving the much sought after style statement.

Colours make one look lively. Gone are the days of wearing only matching accessories with your attire. Contrasting looks amazing if done right. Wearing yellow or green glass bangles with a magenta or purple sari is bound to look good. Mix-matching two different colours of bangles can also give an extra edge to the whole look.

Or maybe, just to look a little funkier, wearing two different coloured bangles in two hands that complements your clothing will look just as gorgeous.

Bangles teamed up with shirts or tops will give an ethnic look if done right. It would be smart to limit wearing bangles to just a few with shirts instead of dozens to cover the hand.

Kacher churi brings that feeling of longing and happiness with it. Our love for them has been a longstanding one and every Bengali woman possesses a few dozen in their closets.

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